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Year of Jewellery 3 – Week 1

Posted by juliesjewels on October 17, 2007

I’m so excited…

I entered this piece in the Year of Jewellery 3 – Week 1

at the Australian Beading Forum dot com dot au

and the matching earrings


The theme was ‘Patterns In Nature’ and guess what – well come on guess already…

I WON and this is the banner to prove it

This is a competition held each week with a different theme, so I may have to enter more often.  lol

But it is truly humbling to have your peers vote for your piece as their favorite so I am also thanking each and every designer who voted for my bracelet and earring set.

You can find this set here for sale on Art Fire

Tigers Eye and Everlasting Shell Bracelet and Earrings Set

Have fun and enjoy what you do 🙂


One Response to “Year of Jewellery 3 – Week 1”

  1. niki said

    Congratulations! You deserved to win, its gorgeous!

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