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Here’s Something a Little Different – Glasses Chains

Posted by juliesjewels on March 14, 2008

I’ve been meaning to do some of these for a while now and finally did when I received some gorgeous little black and white beads in the mail.

This is one I’m keeping for my sunglasses and as a Collingwood Football Club supporter you’ll now know why… They are Black and White… LOL

Then I thought – well my mum’s birthday is coming up in April what can I give her?

She’s always losing her glasses – and her favorite color is red and she loves pearls – SO…

 Not to forget anyone else who may want one I’ve put a glasses chain on Etsy

Made with Job’s Tears, Czech Glass and Cat’s Eye beads – looks great on Reading or Sunglasses

Job’s Tears & Green Czech Glass

Have fun and I think I may make some more of these.

2 Responses to “Here’s Something a Little Different – Glasses Chains”

  1. Lunes said

    What a great idea and truly personalized. Now I have my bead boutique up and running I may just stock some of the glasses ends to allow people to make their own! What have you strung them on tigertail? Lunes Bijoux

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