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Red Red Rose

Posted by juliesjewels on March 18, 2008

I have created something totally different today – My very first rose…

A traditional red rose – Perfect for Valentine’s or Mother’s Day

Now there’s a thought I wonder if my mum would like one for Mother’s Day this year

Anyway here it is – My first beaded rose…

…not quiet finished (still need to find some florists tape and ‘do’ the stem properly)

If anyone else would like one for their mother as a gift just let me know – guaranteed not to wilt in a vase or to drop petals everywhere.

3 Responses to “Red Red Rose”

  1. Regina said

    Julie – this rose is stunning! It will be fun to see how you finish it.

  2. Thanks Regina – I’ll put the finished rose in here as well, it just might take a week or two…

  3. Misty said

    Well done on the rose Julie-Ann! I’m looking forward to seeing it’s final design as well. It’s gorgeous on it’s own though.

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