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Regal Elegance

Posted by juliesjewels on February 8, 2009

Once Upon A Design Challenge – Part Two

Part two has the following eras…

The Middle Ages from 500 to 1300 – Gothic Period from 1300 to 1500

Renaissance from 1500 to 1620 – Baroque and Rocco Period from 1620 to 1760


I choose the Gothic Period and created this necklace with an old brooch and faux pearls to replicate the jewels worn in the image.

Introducing – Regal Elegance

This is not listed anywhere yet – I’m not sure it will be.  I can’t really see any reason why someone would buy a necklace like this these days…


2 Responses to “Regal Elegance”

  1. Chrisy said

    It’s lovely and quite evocative of that era…I’d list it if I were you…if you wanted to sell it of course…it’s different yet classic and think it would appeal to a lot of people…

  2. melanie said

    I can’t imagine why any of your jewels wouldn’t sell!

    I tagged you in a meme

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