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DUSTy Secret Santa

Posted by juliesjewels on December 20, 2010

The DUST team organised a Secret Santa, I asked for someone else to take over the reigns of this one as I knew I didn’t have the time to organise this properly.  The delightful Del from DELiciousDesignz put her hand up to run the SS… Del also wanted to join in so we decided to swap with each other.

So one day last week a parcel arrived in the mail with some simply amazing crochet work, including a sweet little Christmas Pudding and a pair of Mary Jane slippers.

And Del had told me her favorite colours were Black, Red and Pink – so this is what I sent to her… I also included a hot pink toiletry bag which all her goodies were sent in.

Black and Red Cinnabar necklace with matching black earrings.  Christmas phone charm in Red, Green and Silver and a Hot Pink pair of Polymer Clay earrings.

I hope Del loves her gifts as much as I love mine.

Del – this was an amazing swap, bring on next year.

One Response to “DUSTy Secret Santa”

  1. Del said

    What a wonderful post Julie-ann. Thankyou. It is such a fun time of the year and it has been exciting to see all the gifts arrive at their destination. It was a pleasure to take on the job this year as you do so much for the team. I love my gifts you made and am wearing my necklace and earrings today. xo

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