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DUST Swap #15

Posted by juliesjewels on July 3, 2011

Hi all – time to show another set of gifts from the most recent DUST Team Craft Swap.

This month I was partnered with the lovely Samara from Maddo – her one request and I quote “please no jewellery, although I love it so very much, I am running out of places to put it all”

So what to create for a fellow beader that doesn’t include any jewellery – well I had a few ideas.  Samara had mentioned her favourite colours were blue, green and purple so…

Now what did I receive in my mail box?  I was totally spoilt, of course the DUSTers always spoil their partners and this swap was no exception.  My beautiful gifts…

I simply adore my new collage, I just have to find the perfect place to hang it…


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DUST Swap #14

Posted by juliesjewels on May 10, 2011

Here we go again with the DUST Swap – #14 was an amazing swap to join in with.  My partner was the lovely Jo of KnitOneFeltTwo

After spending lots of time Drooling over Jo’s items I narrowed it down to two – this is one of them, Handcrafted Cobweb Felt Scarf ‘Sky’

Now to show the stunning scarf that Jo sent to me.  It is absoutely beautiful…

See I told you it’s beautiful – now to show what I sent…

Jo asked for the wrap bracelet, so I made up a pair of matching earrings.  I couldn’t leave it at that so the other pair of earrings were included and a phone charm.

I hope she was happy.  I think she was!

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DUST Swap #13

Posted by juliesjewels on February 21, 2011

So here we are in February 2011 ALREADY…

With the dawn of the new year a new DUST swap was launched.  This time around I received extremely talented Shelley from spincushions as my partner.

Here’s the amazing gifts I received in the post… A pin cushion and a flower brooch

I really love both of these and they have found a home on my Black and White shelf…



In return I sent these to Shelley, her favorite colour is blue, followed by green so that’s what I used…

Firstly a couple of earrings


a phone charm and key ring.


I send Shelley a huge thankyou for joining in this month, I simply adore my new gifts.

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Australia Flood Relief…

Posted by juliesjewels on January 14, 2011

Way back in 2009 the DUST team organised a relief shop – OZ Bushfire Appeal –  for the Black Saturday bushfires that ravaged parts of Victoria, this shop raised a massive AUD$18,202 for the Australian Red Cross to help the victims of the fires.  This store was organised by Emma (feliciafairy) and her large band of willing helpers.

Jump forward 2 years, we have a new disaster and a new amazing DUSTer in Manda (citykitten) as well as her band of willing volunteers do amazing feats of listing. 

Australia has a huge amount of the country underwater, the following is from our new store – AusDisasterRelief – shop announcement.


Natural disaster! Many parts of Australia are currently experiencing horrific flooding. Thousands of people have been affected by the rising waters, communities have been devastated with some families losing everything and 16 people losing their lives to date, with 20 still missing, grave fears for 12. Over 4,000 are still in evacuation Centres, 26,000 homes still without power.
We are a collective of Etsy Sellers who have donated items from their shops to raise money to donate to The Queensland Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal.
100% of the proceeds from this shop (less Etsy and Paypal fees) will go go directly to this fund.


To date this store has had 175 sales with 152 items still in store and more being donated all the time.  The store amazingly only opened on Jan 11, 2011.


You would like to donate? Again this is from their announcement…


***** If you are interested in making a donation please email us at etsyfloodhelp(at)hotmail(dot)com with the following info******


1….  Please be patient in all situations, as it is, and will continue to be, Another Huge Job for the DUST team volunteers,
listing everything, replying to emails and convos, and then sending out shipping details.etc.etc.etc.

2….  put “Flood Appeal Donation” in the title line.

*Your shop name/link
*Your location and country
*Item Name/Title
*Item Price
*Item Description
*Materials used
*10 tags
*Up to 5 clear photos of the item

**AND 3 **
If you donate a one of a kind item or an item you only have one of and it listed in your personal shop, you MUST UN-LIST it when you send your email details so we both comply with Etsy terms of sale.

Please remember that you will also be donating the cost of postage so please specify if you have restrictions of where you post to.

When your item sells one of the admin will contact you with the shipping info.

Thank you all, for the support so far, items in the shop are selling as fast as we can list them. This shop will continue on for as long as is needed, as it will be a huge job over as the areas affected is larger the the state of Texas, and France and Germany combined.
Brisbane is the third largest Capital city in Australia !
Floods are now affecting Qld, NSW, Victoria, and could start in Tasmania!

Thank you for visiting , your support, and your donations.


Look for this Avatar on Etsy


The group of volunteers have also started a FaceBook page – Etsians Australian Flood Appeal – to help spread the word, we need your help so please ‘like’ us and pass the links both the Shop and FaceBook around your networks…


So I’d personally like to congratulate Manda and all who are doing the work behind the scenes of this wonderful store.  I can’t wait to see what the amount raised will be, hopefully in the thousands of dollars.  Well done to all.

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DUSTy Secret Santa

Posted by juliesjewels on December 20, 2010

The DUST team organised a Secret Santa, I asked for someone else to take over the reigns of this one as I knew I didn’t have the time to organise this properly.  The delightful Del from DELiciousDesignz put her hand up to run the SS… Del also wanted to join in so we decided to swap with each other.

So one day last week a parcel arrived in the mail with some simply amazing crochet work, including a sweet little Christmas Pudding and a pair of Mary Jane slippers.

And Del had told me her favorite colours were Black, Red and Pink – so this is what I sent to her… I also included a hot pink toiletry bag which all her goodies were sent in.

Black and Red Cinnabar necklace with matching black earrings.  Christmas phone charm in Red, Green and Silver and a Hot Pink pair of Polymer Clay earrings.

I hope Del loves her gifts as much as I love mine.

Del – this was an amazing swap, bring on next year.

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DUST Craft Swap #11

Posted by juliesjewels on November 13, 2010

The most recent DUST Swap was organised for October – I’ve been really slack with taking photo’s but I’ve got them done now…

My partner was the lovely Kathryn from Geritm71 – once we had worked out what we both wanted we set to work, for me that was really easy as Kathryn wanted these Tulip Earrings.

I included this little charm as a surprise – well I just had to send something unexpected – I hope Kathryn loves her gifts as much as I adore mine…


My request was a little different, as Kathryn creates amazing notebooks among other things I asked for a Black and White one with the Collingwood Football Club logo, their Magpie.

Here’s what she created…

…perfect isn’t it, and it has one white and then a black page, all the way through.  This is going to be kept for special things.

Here’s a pic amongst some other items in my office, see it fits right in.

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DUST Team Blog Post

Posted by juliesjewels on May 30, 2010

Well I recently answered a few questions for a blog post on the DUST Team’s blog for a – Meet the Admin series

This is what has recently appeared…

The Jewel that is Julie-Ann

I am totally thrilled, hope you enjoy the interview and a huge thanks to Linda of JaEmArt for her talents.

…and now for something new

On ArtFire – Necklace, Sterling Silver, Blue Fabric Beads, Crystal

Earrings coming soon to match this necklace

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April DUST Swap

Posted by juliesjewels on April 30, 2010

Craft Swap No. 8

March was the sign-up month for the next DUST Craft Swap…

…at the end of the month my daughter partnered all the participants together and I got Lyn from Lyn4078 as a partner and I couldn’t have been happier.

So for my lovely gift from Lyn I received some delicious smelling Vanilla candles and amazing soap

The White Peach soap was ‘bought’ directly from Lyn’s Etsy store.


So what did I send to Lyn?

Well she also went ‘shopping’ in my store and ‘bought’ these Red Fire-Polished earrings


I also made her a couple of extra’s to bulk up her gift.

A floral clasp to hang on anything she wishes…

and one of these but in a phone charm – sorry forgot to take a picture of the charm so pretend these are charms – please…

Apparently this charm went straight onto Lyn’s mobile phone… love it!


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February DUST Swap

Posted by juliesjewels on April 8, 2010

Swap Number 7

I don’t believe that I’ve forgotten to show off my last swap – the excitment of swap #8 reminded me…

Oh well better late than never!

My partner was the lovely Jane from jamsandwich2009

These are the gorgeous pillows I received, I gave one each to my daughters – I hope they love them as much as I do.



Now what did I send?

Well Jane took a stroll through my store and wanted a couple of items from there – so that was easy, I didn’t have to make anything for her.  I just let her ‘buy’ from my store and then sent these to her…


 I hope Jane is really happy with her choice…


As the next swap is now in full swing, I hope to remember to bring you some pics when that one is completed… fingers crossed!

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August DUST Swap

Posted by juliesjewels on August 13, 2009

Swap number 5

Another couple of months has rolled around and the new swap is up and running…

This month I have Tish from Artish as a partner and this is what she received in the mail this morning…

Tish’s favorite colours are Red, Black and White and she prefers Silver and LOVES earrings.

They are all created with a mixture of Lampwork, Swarovski Crystal, Czech Glass and other beads.

She loved her new jewels – in her words — My goodies arrived today, thanks so much, they are beautiful!!

~~~ ~~~~ ~~~

Now here is the STUNNING scarf that I received – and a little flower that is so cute.  The flower is hanging on my kitchen cabinet’s door handle at the moment…

Thank-you Tish – this is really a gorgeous scarf and so warm.

For the last two swaps now I have received scarves – I wonder what Swap number 6 will bring in September/October? 

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