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etsyDUST Team


etsyDUST Team – For Australian Etsy sellers


DUST (Down Under Street Team) is a group of Australian Artists, Craftpeople and Artisans who support Etsy and wish to promote independent Handcrafted Goods here in Australia and worldwide.

Australia is full of talented designers and Artisans and we wish to support each other by drawing attention to the diverse range of Art and Handicrafts available here in Australia.


 Here at etsyDUST we have created a ‘Gift Guide’…

Click on the DUST logo above to go directly to the  ‘Gift Guide’ in which you will find all of the DUST stores.

The Gift Guide’s searchable by catergory to make shopping in Australia really really easy – just for you.

So come on and have a look, you never know what you may find.


 DUST Promotions


Australian Flood Relief Appeal Shop – January 2011

Click the banner above to go directly to the special Etsy store that has been set up with donated items to support the fundraising efforts of the Queensland Premiers Relief Appeal.  

Blog post can be found here

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Etsy’s Weekend Deals

This weekend I will be participating in Etsy’s Weekend Deals.  I am offering 20% off your entire order across the weekend (25-27th).  Please include the code ‘WEEKEND DEALS’ in the message to seller during checkout, and your discount will be given as a refund through PayPal (discount off purchase price excluding postage).

Visit the DUST team blog for more info and offers on the weekend…

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DUST Storm – 2009

Another marketing and advertising plan that we have as a team is the ‘DUST STORM’. This idea started as a small question put to the DUST forum and then after realising how big our team was and how many sales we had had collectively it quickly became a very big plan with heaps of interest, enthusiasm and hands up from volunteers in the team.The idea behind the STORM is to create a flurry of interest in our team from media of all kinds ie: magazines, newspaper and TV. It is not seen as a single event but a series of ongoing promotional and marketing features. We envisage that the follow on from this will be to drive people who are interested in buying Handmade, Art, Craft, Vintage and Supplies to our Team.

We have developed the plan to run in stages with the first stage being the design of flyers and the collation of a media kit. The next stage is to approach local newspapers and magazines and at the same time to start distributing flyers using very creative guerrilla type manoeuvres. After this we will be pursuing the National Magazines, T.V. and Radio media. We want the words DUST TEAM to be on everyone’s lips.

As well as this we have pulled together volunteers from the team to work together in creating a regular newsletter/mail out/email. An opt in feature has been set up on the DUST website and the next stage is to ask the team members to help gather sign ups to this newsletter.

The Dust Storm is focussed solely on driving newcomers to purchase from the team and is therefore directed at the public but at the same time a spirit of unity and teamwork is fostered throughout the various activities that are underway.

As yet we are very much in the early stages of the STORM but participation has been amazing with contributions coming from so many of the DUSTERS. It is incredible really when you think that so many of us work full time jobs while pursuing our online businesses.

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OzBushFireAppeal – 2009

Click the logo above to go directly to the special Etsy store that has been set up to support the fundraising efforts of the Australian Red Cross.  All items instore have been donated and all monies raised will be donated to the Red Cross. 

Currently the store has raised over $18,202 Australian dollars. (17th April, 2009)

Store now closed.

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Christmas in July  – 2009

Christmas In July Promo was an idea that was put to the Dust Team members back in April/May time. Participation within the team was positive and plans were put in to motion.

Christmas in July is celebrated by many Australian families and venues. It is thought that early settlers disliked the cooking of their massive Christmas dinner in the extreme heat of December and decided to celebrate Christmas in July. This eventually caught on and many suburbs now have Christmas in July markets and entertainment.

Basically a thread in the promotions section of Etsy will be started on the Friday Eve of 24th July and will run all weekend. All participants will be having a sale in their store and will be keeping the promo thread active by promoting each other. Within the promotion every 3-4 hours a prize draw will be held for non team members that have commented on a team members store or creation. We have over 20 draw prizes to give away from many different team members.

The promotion is open to the public but they do need to register with Etsy to be able to participate and purchase. As the members that are participating it will hopefully lead to many sales and future customers.

Dust members are willing to give up a few hours of their time to host draws, promote each other and donate their own creations to the prize draw.

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