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Australia Flood Relief…

Posted by juliesjewels on January 14, 2011

Way back in 2009 the DUST team organised a relief shop – OZ Bushfire Appeal –  for the Black Saturday bushfires that ravaged parts of Victoria, this shop raised a massive AUD$18,202 for the Australian Red Cross to help the victims of the fires.  This store was organised by Emma (feliciafairy) and her large band of willing helpers.

Jump forward 2 years, we have a new disaster and a new amazing DUSTer in Manda (citykitten) as well as her band of willing volunteers do amazing feats of listing. 

Australia has a huge amount of the country underwater, the following is from our new store – AusDisasterRelief – shop announcement.


Natural disaster! Many parts of Australia are currently experiencing horrific flooding. Thousands of people have been affected by the rising waters, communities have been devastated with some families losing everything and 16 people losing their lives to date, with 20 still missing, grave fears for 12. Over 4,000 are still in evacuation Centres, 26,000 homes still without power.
We are a collective of Etsy Sellers who have donated items from their shops to raise money to donate to The Queensland Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal.
100% of the proceeds from this shop (less Etsy and Paypal fees) will go go directly to this fund.


To date this store has had 175 sales with 152 items still in store and more being donated all the time.  The store amazingly only opened on Jan 11, 2011.


You would like to donate? Again this is from their announcement…


***** If you are interested in making a donation please email us at etsyfloodhelp(at)hotmail(dot)com with the following info******


1….  Please be patient in all situations, as it is, and will continue to be, Another Huge Job for the DUST team volunteers,
listing everything, replying to emails and convos, and then sending out shipping details.etc.etc.etc.

2….  put “Flood Appeal Donation” in the title line.

*Your shop name/link
*Your location and country
*Item Name/Title
*Item Price
*Item Description
*Materials used
*10 tags
*Up to 5 clear photos of the item

**AND 3 **
If you donate a one of a kind item or an item you only have one of and it listed in your personal shop, you MUST UN-LIST it when you send your email details so we both comply with Etsy terms of sale.

Please remember that you will also be donating the cost of postage so please specify if you have restrictions of where you post to.

When your item sells one of the admin will contact you with the shipping info.

Thank you all, for the support so far, items in the shop are selling as fast as we can list them. This shop will continue on for as long as is needed, as it will be a huge job over as the areas affected is larger the the state of Texas, and France and Germany combined.
Brisbane is the third largest Capital city in Australia !
Floods are now affecting Qld, NSW, Victoria, and could start in Tasmania!

Thank you for visiting , your support, and your donations.


Look for this Avatar on Etsy


The group of volunteers have also started a FaceBook page – Etsians Australian Flood Appeal – to help spread the word, we need your help so please ‘like’ us and pass the links both the Shop and FaceBook around your networks…


So I’d personally like to congratulate Manda and all who are doing the work behind the scenes of this wonderful store.  I can’t wait to see what the amount raised will be, hopefully in the thousands of dollars.  Well done to all.

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